Home From the Positive Music Awards with a Trophy for Keep The Light On

I just got home from Tampa Florida with a trophy (a beautiful crystal obalisque) for one of my favorite songs I've ever written: Keep The Light On, a song about being there for someone when things get dark. I co-wrote it with my 7th & Hope duo partner Betty Lawrence, along with Nitanee Paris and Jean-Pierre Williams. And on Sunday night I represented the four of us and performed it live at the Positive Music Awards in Tampa Florida with. Keep the Light On was one of three finalists--and we won! The other two songs in the category were absolutely gorgeous songs, and beautifully performed by fellow nominees Ariel Thierman, Chris Chickering and Greg Barnhill, so I was doubly honored to accept the award. It was a beautiful weekend. I shared my music, heard some fantastic artists share their songs, taught a workshop, connected with old friends, met new ones, and stayed up waaaay late.

Posi Award Trophy for Keep the Light On

2019 Positive Music Award Nominees on the red carpet

Patricia with Fellow Positive Music Award Nominees in the Relationship Category--Ariel Theirman, Chris Chickering and Greg Barnhill

Pajama Jam Concert Crew!

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